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Better food for a better life
Organic food, crafted fresh for you
Green Jar Express

Healthy Choices

Fresh, organic, healthy options available to you with a click of a button. Feed your body the right fuel to get you through the day!

Guilt-Free Flavors

Choose from a range of flavors, ingredients and toppings wth the extra satisfaction that it’s all good for you and great tasting!

Convenient Delivery

Finally, an easy way to eat healthy. All you have to do is place your online order and we’ll deliver to you. You no longer have to spend time shopping, chopping or stopping what you’re doing.

Little About Us

The History Of Green Jar Express

Taj, Yvette, and Kirk are all practicing American physicians who decided to offer a solution to a serious reality: they saw too many patients suffering from debilitating chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. They know that in most cases, an unhealthy diet and lack of fitness are the root causes of these illnesses. So, they came up with a plan to provide healthy food options to busy Americans eliminating the argument that “I don’t have time to eat healthy”. Not only do they make freshly prepared produce, salads and smoothies, but they will deliver to you.

No more excuses! It’s so simple!

The easiest way to eat healthy

Fresh Ingredients

Make the difference

One taste and you’ll notice the difference in flavors and textures. We select only the finest, fresh, natural organic ingredients providing you with the best product. We package in glass jars to reduce exposure to toxins in our bodies and in our environment. This packaging ensures our food remains crisp, fresh and crunchy, whether it’s Monday or Friday.

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